About Us

Arab logistic ambulance carrier

Patient care and comfort, and safe flight

FlyAllied is the Arab provider of air ambulance and medical evacuation operations worldwide. We provide medical air service for individuals, government agencies, insurance companies and international organizations.

In FlyAllied, we have a network of international partnerships enabling us to carry out air ambulance flights to and from any region in the globe in the fastest time and with the latest jets.

We care about all medical needs for the safe transportation of the patient, and we understand the psychological condition of his family, and hence the services system is completed.

We help our clients according to human values; thereby contribute in providing the best options, facilitating procedures and smoothly overcoming difficulties during flights. Share your story and experience to inspire others

Our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day!

Our Team

Our administrative team works prior, during and post the air ambulance flight according to internationally recognized protocols, as it comprises an elite team with world-wide experience in this sensitive field.

One of most our priorities is to give our clients comfort, convenience, full confidence and fulfill all their requirements for air evacuation and ambulance operations, and thus utmost care to employ highly qualified and experienced human cadres and harness modern techniques to create a unique service and high quality experience.

Care for you and people you loved

Our human values are the intrinsic value

We are available 24/7