Despite its great importance in saving the lives of patients who need it, few people have an idea of mechanism of handling air ambulance or air evacuation flights which is really complicated and require high level of professionalism and accuracy as it is a sequence of steps, in each thereof, more than one party may participate therein simultaneously and may be in more than one country in chronological order cannot tolerate any errors.

We will do our utmost to explain below in a simplified manner this mechanism to provide our valued clients with overview thereof:
Let us imagine that we have a patient in a hospital in Riyadh (referred to as the sender hospital) whose condition necessitated to be transported by an air ambulance jet to a hospital in Munich, Germany (referred to as the receiving hospital).

A medical report must be issued by the sender hospital on the patient’s current condition and be sent to the receiving hospital to handle the patient reception upon arrival (regular room, intensive care, etc.).

Emergency entry visa to Germany (referred to as the emergency visa) and the takeoff and landing permissions for the air ambulance plane from the authorities of Riyadh and Munich airports to be issued, as well as coordinating the process of transporting the patient by ground ambulance to and from both airports in close coordination with the air ambulance plane landing and takeoff times (the delay in the plane’s stop at the airport may has significant material and legal consequences)
Direct communication is very necessary between the escort medical staff in the ambulance plane and us as a supporter, as well as between it and the medical staff in both hospitals, specifically in the receiving hospital, in order to keep them informed on the patient updates.

Our vast experience, the nature of our work in the field of medical services and our international relationships have qualified us to form a network of partners all over the world, qualifying us to carry out any air ambulance process whatsoever. Contact us to see for yourself

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