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The FlyAllied team, with extensive knowledge and experience in medical air services, is formed according to international standards in transporting patients and following international medical protocols for patient safety while being transported and providing them with care until reach to its destination. The air ambulance system is time-series in a way that does not accept malfunction and at the same time is very complicated for those who have insufficient experience, therefore, we present below a simplified explanation of our services in all stages of this system in an easy manner for our valued customers to understand.


Pre-air ambulance service

The Customer Service Department communicates with the client (the patient or his representative) to become familiar with his health condition and the destination to which the patient is to be transported and receive the required papers and documents (medical reports, passports, etc.) and in most cases inform the client of the initial cost of the air ambulance flight and then the patient is to be transported to the operations department to prepare for the flight.

Air ambulance service

The Operations Department coordinates and communicates with the relevant bodies(the patient’s family and escorts, the current hospital, the hospital receives the patient, civil aviation authorities, airport authorities, ground ambulance, etc.) and then specify the appropriate air ambulance aircraft, medical staff, flight scheduling, implementing and following up stage by stage through continuing coordination and communication with all the above-mentioned actors, each according to its task, including the flight crew, and prepare for all expected scenarios to ensure smooth and accurate implementation of the flight until the patient and his escorts safely reach their destination.

Private flight service

We provide this service for our valued clients willing to rent a private flight whether domestic or international to any region of the world, where we, at the client request, provide appropriate aircraft in terms of number of seats and level of luxury and services.

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