This is the first question that may have come to the mind of a person who has a patient wants to be transported by air ambulance. Feel free to contact us any day around the clock to answer all your inquiries and then handle and implement an evacuation or air ambulance flight in proportion to your needs.

Several factors that directly or indirectly affect the cost of an air ambulance flight, including: 

Flight distance:

Of course, this is the most important factor that plays a role in calculating the cost of an evacuation or air ambulance flight

Medical condition of a patient:

Medical equipment and escort medical staff are selected based on the medical condition of the patient. There are conditions medically requires that the level of pressure inside the aircraft cabin equivalent to its level on the surface of the sea, which may result in an increase in the flight cost.    

Number of escorts:

The possible number of escorts can be determined depending on the aircraft type, where air ambulance aircraft vary in size, capacity, and medical equipment

Ground ambulance:

An ambulance/ air evacuation flight often requires support ground logistics such as providing an ambulance to transport the patient from the hospital or home to the airport and vice versa. There are wide disparities in the cost of transporting by an ambulance from a country to another, and it may also be dispensed in case the patient is transported directly by ambulance helicopter to the hospital.

Emergency flights:

Ambulance/ air evacuation aircraft are always ready to takeoff when needed; however, the preplanning of air evacuation flight would be preferential.

The cost of air ambulance flight can be paid either by bank transfer, credit card or cash